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16 Cotswold Photo Frames Dining 2 Dining 5 23 Cotswold Larsson Bedroom Living 2 Chests of Drawers Chichester Open Dresser closeup Dining Dressers & Cabinets Harrogate Dining Dining 4 Harrogate Dining Table Desks 3 Dining 3 Living Bedroom 1 China & Tableware 2 Suffolk Dining Desks 2 Suffolk Dressers Lighting Candles & Diffusers Suffolk Sideboards Chichester Bedroom 4 Cotswold 2 Sienna Dining 57 Sienna Bedroom 25 Sienna Bedroom

Maison is an independent furniture and home accessories retailer, specialising in hand made French and Scandinavian inspired painted furniture. Our inspiration comes from all over Europe, and we have developed an excellent reputation over our fourteen years in business.

      We have been sourcing furniture and helping customers with their furniture and home styling needs since we opened our first shop in 2001. Through our experience and enthusiasm, we want to help you discover the potential of your home.

      We hope that you love our carefully chosen collections, which you can now buy on-line as well as in our store. Our products are carefully selected with an emphasis on individuality, quality and style. With over 800 pieces of furniture to choose from, we hope that you find plenty of inspiration for your home.


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